Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Disappointing Product | Schwarzkopf LIVE Steel Silver

There's nothing more disappointing that envisioning something and it turning out completely different right? Yeah, well that's just happened to me. I've always wanted to try dying my hair silver/grey and when I saw the TV ad for Schwarzkopf's LIVE colours I fell in love with the 'Steel Silver' shade. So of course, I headed to my latest Superdrug to pick it up (make sure you check the contents before you purchase because the first box I picked up only contained the instructions - luckily I checked before I bought the product). 

The application is really simple, there's no mixing involved as the colour cream is all in one tube and there's also two conditioners provided with some plastic gloves. The process was one of the easiest and smoothest I've experienced from a semi-permanent dye - so for that i praise it. 

For a full head application it says to leave i for 15-30 minutes, I wanted the full effect so I left mine in for bang on 30 minutes and rinsed out with the conditioner. I should have probably left it on longer, but last time I did that with a toning product it left my hair purple for two weeks which was an absolute nightmare. 

My hair is fully bleached so I expected for it to at least turn the colour on the box in some parts, but its more of a light ashy silver with bits of blue in random areas. Its not really an issue because I know with one wash the blueness will fade out - but it is disappointing seen as though the product retails for £5.49, which is pretty rubbish when the product doesn't do much.

I think its probably a case of getting a few boxes and re-doing the process a few times to achieve the desired colour over a period of a time. I've seen mixed reviews but everyone's hair is different so of course this product may work for you. Its just a shame because my hair isn't highlighted or a golden blonde, so I expected it to work on my hair more! 

Next time I'm going to try the dyes from Colour Freedom as their toners are my favourite on the market - I'll keep you updated!
Have you used any of Schwarzkopf's LIVE colours? Which silver dye works for you best (without leaving blue/purple?!)

Katherine x