Friday, 15 April 2016

The Weight Loss Starter Kit by Nutribuddy | Review and Progress Update

Hello! A while a go I was kindly gifted the 'Weight Loss Starter Kit' by Nutribuddy, which I was over the moon about. I mentioned Nutribuddy's products in a post a few weeks about about how I stay healthy at university (you can read this here), and as promised I now want to tell you about the results after using the products for a while now. I have been going to the gym alongside using these products, and trying to eat as healthy as I can (mind you, I've had about three packs of super noodles in the past week). I'm not going to lie, the past week I've eaten absolute rubbish and balance in my diet has gone completely out the window. However, it is my second to last week at university so I'm making the most of the 'cheat meals' and snacks before I go home next week - but, I am still working out! Anyway, let's talk about the products...

Within the full kit you receive a full sized Sculpting Whey Weight Loss Shake (908g), Multivitamins, 'Hunger Fix' pack, the Shaker Bottle, and Nutribuddy's 'Little Book of Weight Loss'. The full starter kit retails at £69.99, so you are saving money if you want to try out all their products. You can purchase the kit here

Sculpting Whey - Weight Loss Shake in Vanilla

The Sculpting Whey Weight Loss Shake is use the most from the Weight Loss Starter Kit, I chose the flavour vanilla because I thought chocolate would be too sickly and I'm not a huge chocolate fan. Nutribuddy do say that you can have this shake as a snack when you're feeling hungry, as a supplement - but I like to use it as a protein shake after I've worked out as there is 22.4g of protein per shake and this helps with muscle definition. I honestly think the shake tastes so nice, it took a little bit of getting used to but now I completely love the taste. I have never mixed mine with milk because I don't like to have a lot of dairy, and therefore mix mine with water. The only thing I would say is because I have my sculpting whey with water, it tastes more like a squash rather than an actual 'milk shake' - it all depends on your preference, I don't mind this at all and I think it tastes so yummy!

The Weight Loss Starter Kit comes with their Shaker Bottle, I chose the black one because as you know I love simplistic and minimalistic things.The bottle comes with a metal mixing ball inside to help the product blend into either the milk or water. I've never had a problem with lumps with this product which is one thing I always rave about, I can literally shake it a few times and the powder will be completely blended into the water and ready to drink.

The only problem I do have with this product is that the scoop is too big for the bottle, I'm forever spilling protein all over my uni room floor or round the edges of the bottle (it then sticks and goes all gross), so I've swapped the scoop which came with the Whey to one which is smaller and can fit! You're supposed to just have one scoop of the Sculpting Whey but now my scoop is smaller I have around two. I have however heard that Nutribuddy are aware of the scoop's size and are making a smaller one - what amazing customer service!

The Sculpting Whey on its own retails at £34.99 which is ok if you have a larger budget, however paying for gym membership along side my protein is a little pricey. Being a student I don't think I would be able to afford to purchase this product every time I run out (every few months probably), but I'd definitely recommend it if you have a little bit more to spend as I get on with the product really well.


Even before trying out Nutribuddy's products I was taking multivits, everyone in my family swears by them and they really help me when I'm extra lethargic. I have tonnes of pots of multivits however I have been using these ones from Nutribuddy recently and I always feel a difference in my day or week when I take multivits compared to when I'm just careless and forget. I don't necessarily think there's a difference between these capsules by Nutribuddy and just the standard ones you can buy in Boots - they're all multivits and all do the same thing. I'm really glad they come as apart of the starter kit as they are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, and I'm glad Nutribuddy are promoting multivits because they are not damaging to the body and only have positive effects. Their products do not contain laxatives, which I love because I can't take laxatives and I don't know what they would do to my body anyway. These multivitamins retail at £15.00 which I personally wouldn't pay for multivits just because you can get them anywhere for a lot cheaper, but again if you have a bigger budget and are really into trying different health products then I wouldn't shy against Nutribuddy's multivits. 

Hunger Fix

'Hunger Fix' by Nutribuddy retails are £24.99 and is essentially capsules which stop your hunger cravings. These are to be used correctly, and taken an hour to fifteen minutes before eating meals. I did a lot of research on Glucomannan (which is what Hunger Fix is) before trying them out myself. It is a natural remedy and the Hunger Fix is free from harmful ingredients - this did put my mind at rest. I think they are dangerous if you exceed the dosage limit, because if you are full then you wont eat meals and that is 100% unhealthy. I'm an advocate in believing you should always have breakfast, lunch and dinner and eating just one meal a day will actually make you put on weight because you aren't eating at the right times. I have used these capsules for a few weeks but I only ever had 1-2 a day (instead of the recommended 1-2 before each meal). This is purely just because I am petite and I don't want to 'over do' anything, my main aim is to stop snacking as much and I do think they help - however I don't know whether this is because I'm thinking about it, aah that placebo effect.

The Little Book of Weight Loss

The Little Book of Weight Loss comes free with purchases on Nutribuddy. This is one of my favourite things about their brands, I love how they've put meal plans together and little recipes of ways you can use your sculpting way in alternative ways to just a shake - e.g. in pancakes! The book also contains all the nutritional information and facts about their products, and how their products should be exactly used. 

I've loved using Nutribuddy's products these past couple of months and I'm going to continue using them until I've used them all up. My favourite product is definitely the Sculpting Whey, it tastes so yummy especially after a good workout and stops me from going on a massive crazy binge after the gym. I use the Shaker Bottle all the time as my everyday water bottle as well as for my shakes and I love it so much as its just the right size. I definitely think using Nutribuddy products - the shake in particular - has helped me slim down and maintain the weight I've lost. The past couple of months from working out and eating a lot better I've lost 5lbs, which may not seem loads, but its made a huge difference to me and I feel so much better. I would say when you use these products you can't just use them and expect results as exercise and a balanced diet is always key!

Have you tried anything from Nutribuddy? Do you use protein shakes, if so where from? Let me know in the comments!

*These products were kindly gifted to me by Nutribuddy for product review purposes, however as always all opinions are my own.