Saturday, 17 October 2015

False Tan Review | St Moriz Medium Instant Tanning Mousse

Hiyaaaa! So today I'm going to be talking about false tan on the cheap and my opinions on the Instant Tanning Mousse by St Moriz. I highly believe that pretty much everyone has heard of this false tan, its been on the market for many years and a favourite amongst pretty much everyone I know who uses tanning products. I believe this is a new formula, as the old packaging used a darker shade of text (or maybe they've just changed the packaging) but either way it still works exactly the same...

Tanning definitely depends on your skin type and how your prepare your skin for false tanning, probably more than the product itself. I never used to exfoliate and as I have eczema too it was not a good combination. I always used to be sooo patchy when applying tan and still struggle to make it last.

Overall I do prefer mousse's to other formula's of tanning products (such as lotions), purely because I think they apply more evenly - especially when using a mitt. You definitely have to use a mitt with this product as it does NOT wash off and stains your hands for days. 

Colour wise, I would definitely say the medium shade more on the brown than orange side (whereas the Dove Summer Body that I also use is a lot more orange toned). I use the shade medium, which is shades much darker than my significantly pale natural skin tone, but this is just because I like being a lot darker than I naturally am.

I don't tend to recognise a smell with this product but that might just be because I am immune to all tan smells as I wear it regularly and its probably become my 'natural smell', but there definitely isn't a distinctive bad smell to this product.

Regarding longevity, the product does not last long on my upper half very well. I usually get about 2 days if that of even and perfect coverage (which when it is perfect it is a really good product which I get on with). I think this is purely just to do with my skin and I am probably always going to be that just means I have to have a few pale days where I exfoliate and let the tan wear off. My legs stay brown for about a week without fading, which shows that the product does last on well conditioned skin! I am really pleased however that I can get an even coverage for nights out or special occasions etc as I never used to be able to achieve this - my skin has definitely improved and fingers crossed it is still improving. 

I definitely want to talk about my struggles with beauty products, especially false tanning, when it comes to my eczema and how that really effects how products work on me. I know the rule of thumb is that I shouldn't wear products that irritate my skin and that my skin would probably be a lot better just being left alone...but I simply just do not like being pale (nothing wrong with it, just my preference on myself!). 

Regardless of my skin troubles, I do think this is a good tanning product especially as its only about £4.99 (even less in stores such as Wilkos, Bodycare and Savers etc). I really want to try out high end tanning products as I think they would probably work better on my skin, so I'm definitely going to be researching into what tans work best with sensitive skin - I'll let you know how I get on, and if I can't find any then maybe it can be my new business idea...

What tanning products do you use (if any)? Do any of you struggle with skin troubles and beauty products?

Let me know!
Katherine x