Friday, 24 July 2015

Collaboration with House of Fraser! | Homeware Moodboard/Inspiration Wishlist

Hello everyone! Today I have an exciting little post all about homeware inspiration. I've collaborated with House of Fraser to create a mood board featuring some of their products, and also products from other stores, to show you my current taste in everything homeware! I've always wanted to bring out products of my own, but never been totally sure on what I actually wanted to (makeup, hair, clothes etc!) but while I've been decorating my room I've discovered how much I actually love homeware and I would absolutely love to design my own homeware range! I've chosen 11 of my favourite items from the House of Fraser homeware range that fit the theme of my new bedroom, and I absolutely love them! Read more to find out my favourite picks...

Monday, 20 July 2015

What do the Contents of my Handbag say about Me?

When I saw this post on Ginger N Roses I thought it was a really interesting tag to write. There's always 'whats in my bag?' videos across Youtube but I've never really seen what the contents of someone's bag might say about them. Credits to Dinner With Maddie who created this tag, I guess someone's handbag possessions can say a lot about them! 
 I own a Rebecca Minkoff Tote which is now old season and I can't seem to find it anywhere online, besides that its a good sturdy bag which has lasted me a long time and is a stable in my wardrobe as black goes with everything! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Travelling Guide | Hand Luggage Essentials / Inspo

Travelling. 2


Its that time of the year when Instagram is full of insanely photogenic destinations and people's holiday photos. I wanted to do a little series of blog posts focusing on travelling, whether thats travelling for a long period of time or just going away for a few weeks. I'm going on one holiday this summer at the end of August to Florida with my family (mum's been convinced as its the only family holiday all three children are happy to agree on, with us all being awkward ages and that kinda thing). I've put together a checklist for hand luggage as this is always my favourite thing to pack for a holiday, I love having an organised bag full of a few of my favourite items along with travelling necessities - making sure you're organised when you're going away is a really important thing and helps to make your trip feel extra organised.